World Cancer Day - February 4th, 2014 - Show the world who you stand up for.


World Cancer Day is a time when people across the globe take a stand against a disease that's affected us all – mothers, fathers, friends, grandparents, and, heartbreakingly, even our children.

Join the global movement. Download the placard or use the SU2C app for iPhone® to show the world who you honor when you Stand Up To Cancer.

Together, let's send a message around the globe that we stand for the end of cancer.

What can I do?

Use the SU2C app for iPhone® to create and share your placard from your phone.


  1. Download the placard in your native language.
  2. Print it and write in who you Stand Up For. Examples
  3. Snap a photo of yourself holding the placard
  4. Post it! We've opened up our Facebook page for the day, so post directly on our wall or tag @Stand Up To Cancer to show the world your dedication.
  5. Tweet it! #istanddupfor on Twitter and Instagram.

Want to do a little something more?

Launch a StarLaunch a star in honor of the person you Stand Up For

Launch a StarHelp accelerate groundbreaking cancer research

Stand Up To Cancer's mission is to accelerate ground breaking cancer research. Learn More.

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Click and Print your placard

If clicking a placard doesn't open it in a new tab or window, check your "Downloads" folder


I Stand Up For examples